The Gist in Politics


Are you one of those who want to make a difference by putting yourself in politics? Is this really possible? Do you want to settle issues that mostly concern the general welfare? If you want to have a career in promoting sustainable democratic principles throughout the whole world then you need to learn the buzz of Fordham University’s politics first to start with.

We prepared this blog for you to give you a gauge among others who want to know the gist of politics. One available program in Fordham University is the Elections and Campaign Management, which will train you more to be one of the best campaign professionals in the whole world, and you will directly influence those who are elected and those who lead. This blog is dedicated to give you more information on such program and how politics can influence you.

As you go along with our blog, feel free to discover the buzz of politics within Fordham, and we will make sure you will enjoy every bit of information on every corner of this blo